Wireless Exploitation

Two years ago I’ve started dealing with wireless stuff, for example of its weaknesses, and its security and penetration testing. Special thanks to the tons of BackTrack5 video tutorials, and also for the Wireless LAN Security and Penetration Testing Megaprimer video series created by Vivek Ramachandran (my favourite lecturer :) ) which is available at http://securitytube.net

And don’t forget to disable the WPS function on your router:

4 comments so far

  1. Vector on

    If you are concerned enough to cover the password of the router, why do you share the PIN?

    • gabekonstantin on

      This is just a test image.

      • Vector on

        It’s possible to use the PIN to get the password, so why not conceal that as well if you are concerned about the password getting out?

  2. Vector on

    Ok, disregard my message – you edited your comment. 🙂

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